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~ Everybody Cut Loose, Footloose! ~

We are experiencing some amazing weather here in Chicagoland! Loving the spring sunshine and the warmer temps. As we peel off the layers and the heavy socks freeing the body. Slipping bare feet into sandals, walking barefoot in the grass, kids running minus shoes and socks on pavement or jumping high in a trampoline.

Looking down those two feet and ten toes take us many places and are put through the ringer on a daily basis. What's even more fascinating is that the feet actually possess their own chakra. The feet are connected with the root chakra and is situated at the base of the spine linked with the earth element along with feelings of stability, grounding and physical world connection.

When balanced, our foot chakras help us to feel in divine alignment with the natural rhythms of life. We feel confident in where we are and trust that we will be supported by the world’s tangible energies. We feel aligned with our purpose for this human life and we take conscious steps, figuratively and literally, in the direction of fulfilling that.

To nurture and bring this chakra to light the practice of dancing, walking barefoot in the grass, yoga and self foot massages are amazing! As always another practice to bring the foot chakras into balance is meditation. Try this one out for size the next time you are barefoot outside, on the couch, on your mat or in the kitchen!