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What does Your Heart Say?

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

People. Loved ones, friends, strangers, workers, neighbors. People. We affect people that we come in contact with. Either positively or negatively without even knowing it. The heart's energy is said to reach about three feet outside of the physical body and can be detected in another person sitting nearby via an electrocardiogram (ECG). One big circle spinning between us and everyone else, and back at the same time.

When our hearts are heavy others feel it, when they are joyous others feel it. But what exactly does heavy and light mean in an "unseen" communication of emotions through energy?In the yoga world, when the parasympathetic and the sympathetic system are out of sync from emotions such as anger, anxiety, or daily stressors, this creates an erratic rhythm and unbalanced state leading to a heavy heart. Through the asanas, breath and meditations used in yoga practices we can bring these systems back to balance creating a light heart and positive energy felt by others. In 2023, it has become the “norm” for the heart to feel chronic stress or mental suffering, habitually communicating this to the brain. The brain triggers the body’s response in the form of stress hormones, constricted blood vessels, increased blood pressure, chronic inflammation, and basically makes the heart over worked. We end up putting the heart through constant emotional distress and constricting the breath. We stressed humans start chest breathing rather than breathing to our full capacity. Think about how our nerves settle after crying when we take a deep breath in or after a good workout a deep breath settles our body back to balance. What if we trained our hearts using positive emotions and practices? Trained them to then communicate with the brain to release chemicals that support healing and well-being. Making not only our minds, bodies and hearts feel better but also making each person we come into contact feel better and light of heart as well.Tune in, go inward ... what is YOUR heart saying? Gain positive emotions and let your heart sing light energy by:

*Focusing on a positive place, person or thing that brings you joy.

*Journaling gratitude.

*Hug a friend or loved one.

*Pet or cuddle an animal.

*Read or watch an inspiring story.


*Focus on your breath and positive thoughts during yoga practice.

*Close your eyes, place your hands over your heart, take a deep breath in - recognize and be grateful for the beautiful creature you are just the way you are at this exact moment.


Written by Brooke Halperin

Brooke teaches every Thursday at 6pm at Good Juju Lombard. Be sure to check out Brooke's classes. Book it at

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