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The Gift of Breath

As the new year approaches we come to terms with past goals and lean into a mindframe where new goals emerge. Usually at the top of the list is how we can be "better" in our physical body.

Eat better.

Train more.

Exercise harder.

Restrict what foods we eat.

Bump up the cardio.

Buy pricey green drinks.

In our world of too much too fast, we begin to align our goals to match the label. Too much too fast. When really we need to slow down and lessen our grip.

Rather than punishing the body, the body should be celebrated. Rather than bombarding the mind with more chatter, we need to create space in which to grow. Rather than filling our bellies with supplements, we need to dive into what nature has to offer. Rather than moving faster, we need to slow down.

One way to slow down is to breathe. Really breathe. To breathe past the point that we often restrict ourselves. Adults only breathe into the chest causing a constant fight or flight physical response which in turn affects our mental state linked to our immunity and emotional wellbeing just to name a few. Deep breathing all the way down to the belly can help lessen stress and anxiety. By breathing slower and more deeply from the stomach, the nervous system is signaled to calm down. In calming the nervous system we begin to positively affect all physical, mental and emotional aspects of self. Yoga is propelled and centered on the breath. The whole foundation of a yogic movement and thought is through the flow of breath. In yoga, breath is medicine, breath is life. When lost, a yogi always coming back to the breath, leading back to the inner self.

This season give the gift of slowing down. Of tuning into yourself. Self love, self compassion, self nourishment. Celebrate your mind, your breath, every shape of your body. Engage in gratitude for all this fleeting gift does for you while anchoring in the solid foundation of your inner light that is and will forever be present. When creating new years goals, make a goal of coming back home to your self, back to your breath, leading to positive changes through the entire body, mind and heart. Give yourself the gift of a deep breath.

Written by Brooke Halperin

Brooke will be teaching every Thursday at 6pm starting Jan 5th at Good Juju Lombard. Be sure to check out Brooke's classes. Book it at

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