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Taking Root

Often when taking a yoga pose, no matter the level of our experience, we can find ourselves wobbly or out of alignment. But when bringing focus inward and checking in with the alignment and sensations of the body, we are able to bring our physical body back into the pose and "correct" stance. Just like the body, when we stable our own foundation within the mind, we stable the world around us. With a stable foundation the interactions and happenings are all joyful, all opportunities for good and progress.

But where to start? Roots, of course.

Roots need tending to in a tree - the same goes for the roots of our thoughts, the roots of our body and the roots of our breath. When roots are nourished, thriving and green, a tree grows strong and vibrant. Stretching its limbs out gracefully to the sky, other trees and its gifts out to others ... birds to rest on, children to climb, shade from the elements or a trunk to lean on. When the roots are decayed, brown and undernourished the tree begins to wither, its branches become weak. Applying this same makeup to the yogi, when the roots of our thoughts are dark and decaying with negativity the rest of our physical body along with our actions and heart vibrations begins to reflect this decay and darkness. The yogi no longer flourishes, no longer shares the grace and beauty of their talents and gifts. The yogi withers. How to nourish the roots and remove the old and withered? Body: Working from the earth up. Root down through all four corners and muscles of each foot. When standing or stepping, engage the quads, tuck the tailbone, draw in the belly, pull the kneecaps up toward the body. In being mindful of all the details we are able to stand taller, walk balanced and provide a strong foundation for the rest of the skeleton within. Shoulder blades together on the back. Shoulder tips pulled away from the earlobes w