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Reset in Steady, Stable and Comfortable

As a vata dosha I always tend to feel heavy and slow during spring. The earth is defrosting, animals begin to slowly emerge and the sun shines longer and brighter. My body and mind scream for reset. The ebb and flow of cold and warm cause my body and mind to feel free at times but rather oppressed at others. The shining light I know is coming with summer, my RESET is around the corner.

When thinking of the word reset, the ideas within yoga sutra 2.46 come to mind, "Yoga should be steady, stable and comfortable." When resetting the mind, we let go of thoughts that are unstable, rocky and anything but comfortable. Seeking an escape from the monkey mind that haunts A fresh mind is steady, stable and comfortable, the goal of a mental reset. A goal that can start with the breath. Likewise, a renewed body would be described as steady, stable and comfortable. A direct opposite of a body held by pains, slow movement and foggy brain usually caused by OR causes a stresse