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Re-New-al Year

Within the yoga philosophy there are five causes of human suffering called the kleshas. One of these kleshas is human attachment. Human attachment to an object, an idea, perception, expectation or even a relationship. The attachment becomes a lifeline, our happiness depending on the attachment, yet in reality none of these objects, ideas, perceptions, expectations and relationships is in our control.

So what if we started this year just simply letting go ...

Moving into the new year without attachment baggage.

Attachment to the past.

Attachment to expected outcomes.

Attachment to false idols.

Attachment to what we think can be worried about or controlled.

Rather, engage in the journey to those "goal points", to those perceived notions of "success". Finding the joy in the discomfort along the way. Leaning into what is gained in the journey and the steps it takes to get to that goal we create in the mind. No matter if the steps are labeled as good or bad but perfect just the way they are because they belong to you. Because those moments make up your life.

Give yourself the permission to move into the new year just NEW. Not lacking, not finding the need to fix you, not attached to past days or future worries, not thinking a new item will bring a new you or a new number on the scale or new job title will bring a better you. Just be NEW. Because you are ... renewed each day and each moment of that day. Like a cell turning over to regenerate, every new tick of the clock offers a new you. Renewed with possibility, not bogged down with what didn't work or what you think will come to work. Just the realization that you are already NEW. Accept that renewal and live refreshed and removed from all attachment.

Move into the new year as the new you, with nothing to achieve but to just BE.

Written by Brooke Halperin

Brooke will be teaching every Thursday at 6pm starting Jan 5th at Good Juju Lombard. Be sure to check out Brooke's classes. Book it at

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