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Fresh Fail

Incredibly annoyed with ... myself. Though definitely headed in the right direction for so many things when it comes to the list that I created in December of what I, as a singular person, was hoping to dive into on January 1st well, that's another story all together. A story of ... stagnation and forgetfulness, sort of like the gray skies in the Midwest during January.

I am now annoyed with my alter ego self who seems to forget that she has goals. That person who prioritizes other tasks and forgets that she shouldn't be consuming sugar and should be engaging in other actions besides overthinking and over-planning.

Astrology would conclude that this rough start in resolutions, intentions and acceptance that I've been mulling over and writing about in the last month is to blame on the Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde is actually an optical illusion that occurs for about three weeks approximately three to four times a year. During this time, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards when viewed from Earth. In astrology, this motion from any planet tends to have negative effects. Astrologers believe that a planet’s perceived backward motion can lead to increased interruptions in the things the planet rules, and because Mercury rules all forms of communication, information, transportation, and even technology, Mercury’s periods of backward motion are always causing disruption in our plans.