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Don't Look Back - "Fall" Forward

"Don't look back - you're not going that way." - Mary Engelbreit

Autumn has officially arrived with the coming of the Fall Equinox on September 23rd. A time for oversized seaters, trendy jeans, pumpkin spice everything, boots and Halloween-themed socks. However, such a time used to be much more than materialistic. There's a lot to the spiritual meaning behind the equinox. Fall being marked by the autumn equinox was known as the holiday of Mabon in the Pagan calendar. Bringing about a spiritual celebration to honor the change of seasons, which used to pose a massive challenge to our survival and wellbeing.

An exciting and refreshing time. A time of celebration of what has been cultivated already this year, but also a time to solidify intentions of what you look forward to manifesting in the winter months to come. To reflect the longer darker days, we are given the chance to bunker down and turn inward in order to move forward. To restore or maintain balance. Leave behind dissecting the past or grieving what has been ... acknowledge and celebrate what has been and turn inward for the Now that literally only happens once and toward the future that holds so much possibility in your own celebration in 2023 terms rather than dancing under the equinox moon :)

Ways to Celebrate the Equinox

Natural symphony

*God is with us as the composer. Notes are seen in the leaves of change on the trees and the cool temperatures strung throughout the evenings. Tune into your own rhythm. As the days grow shorter, you may find yourself tuning into yourself, going inward, and listening to your inner voice. You could feel the need to slow down a little bit, to appreciate the moments outdoors while you still can, and to spend time in quiet reflection while you watch the seasons change. Take time to meditate, walk in nature or journal. What is your body, mind and soul in need of? Listen and find the rhythm that you are in and/or in need of.

Harvest Your Personal Crop

*Fall is a time of harvest, a perfect time to sit back and reflect on the fruits of our own labor. Think of how far you may have come in your own growth, while setting goals to carry you through the winter months. Embrace the changes coming your way and think optimistically about everything a new season brings you. Gather a list of gratitude of what you have experienced and accomplished this year so far. Set intentions for the months to come, who do you want to progress to be once spring arrives?

Autumn Cleaning

*Getting rid of what is no longer useful isn't only part of the equinox, it's also part of what we're driven to do while preparing and reorganizing for winter just as animals gather supplies and collect new items in the colder months. Now is the perfect time to clean out the closet, garage and pantry transitioning from summer collections to those needed for cooler temperatures.

Shine in Decor

*Anything that allows you to embrace the change of seasons and welcome the approaching season by getting into the spirit of change. Close the pool, put away the sprinkler and start by placing some pumpkins on your doorstep, hanging a wreath of autumn colors on your door, warm spice essential oils in the home or fall garland on the fireplace.

Written by Brooke Halperin Join Brooke every Tuesday at 430pm at Good Juju Lombard. Sign up at

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