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Comfort & Joy

Don't rush, just breathe. Breathe in the comfort and joy that is in the simple. The joy and comfort in the daily. It could be the warmth of the sun on your face, a good cup of coffee, making a green light, the silence in an empty store late at night. There are opportunities, big and small, to feel joy and comfort all around you, every day.  The joy is found by pausing in the thick of it all to acknowledge those opportunities and to lean into that joy. 

Finding comfort in being more intentional with your day and how you want to live it. Who you want to see that brings comfort, those that bring joy to your life. What activities that you can partake in that bring comfort, what you want to eat, do, hear, watch .... that bring comfort. In turn, you can boost the joy in life by being thankful for those comforts. 

It's all about individual perspective, is it the actual person or item that is giving the comfort? Giving the joy? Nope. It's the active seeker addressing the experience as comforting and joyful. True comfort and joy isn’t being given to you by external forces. Instead, the external forces are simply a reminder of our existing happiness. We all have the power and control to bring out our own inner joy, without waiting for anything from the outside world. 

Comfort and joy is not always found in Care Bears and rainbows either. In the darkest of times there are glimmers of light, which even if not apparent at that exact moment, may become so later on. Actively seeking out the joy, lessons and comfort within a difficult situation brings a person into the present, not longing for the past or hurrying into the future. And real life is what is happening NOW. The interruptions of life that we sometimes view as hassles could be tiny gifts from the universe or a reminder to slow down and change perspective rather than greeting life with negativity. Find joy and comfort. Easier said than done, but yes through practice, actively engaging in your thoughts and taking time to pause and ground yourself in the present moment you'll be able to seek out comfort and joy. 

Comfort and Joy to All and to All a Goodnight!

Written by Brooke Halperin

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