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Let Your Light Shine

 With Valentine's Day on the horizon, what better topic than relationships? Just not the kind cupid sends our way but ALL relationships that weave their way through our lives, from the "big" to the "little".   Relationships give light to our lives, relationships also grow best in the light of the engagers. Heavy, dark and dank aren't words to describe a friendship or community that is healthy or prosperous, rather light, bright and warm are the words we prefer to think of when thinking of our closest relationships or those we wish for. Let your light shine through your actions, thoughts and words while thinking and interacting with others (another New Year's goal that isn't too late to tack on this year!)

Yogi Relationship Greenhouse Tips:

Give unreasonable grace to everyone. It’s not weak to be kind. Giving kindness to all injects light not only into the receiver's life but also the giver. Each person we come into contact with needs support, needs to feel as if they belong, needs to feel that grace. 

Healthy relationships (of any kind) are built on love, not a scoreboard.  Let’s be friends who are willing to celebrate and love others without calculating what they owe us in return. Really knowing and supporting another means showing up 70% when they can only muster 30% ... the day that you can only give 30% is when your other bright light will show up to give you 70% ... with no expectations. 

Trust comes from wisdom and discernment. If you pray about your friendships daily and go inward to listen to your heart over the matter of a lover, you'll end up hearing the whispers you need to hear. Answering if that person allows your inner light to glow bright or if they end up extinguishing your flame with their presence. Be compassionate but trust your gut. You’re not a terrible person for setting boundaries or walking away from people who you innately discern are not good for you.

Let your light shine. Your good deeds and kindness show your inner light. When others feel and see this, they’ll experience love, compassion, trust and belonging.

Written By Brooke H.

Want to take a class with Brooke? She will be teaching 2/11 & 2/16 at 8:30am at Good Juju Lombard. Don't miss her class.

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