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Personal Development Sessions

What to Expect

Every human beings journey is unique to them, but common to the human experience are periods of joy, triumph, challenge and change. Using the models developed by Carl Jung, Robert Moore and Robert A. Johnson, I will collaborate with you to implement them within your own life. These models can be used as a road map to assist you in building a cohesive self and live a life of meaning. We will work together to asses where you are and create a path toward becoming who you are meant to be.


Caroline Daniels is a graduate of James Frazier’s 2 year Neo Shamanic Shadow Work Program and is a certified Neo Shamanic Breathwork practitioner and Personal Development Coach. Caroline is also a Certified Yoga Instructor and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner. After an unexpected life change, Caroline found herself searching for a pathway to deep and spiritual healing. In early 2020, a friend recommended she attend a Neo Shamanic Breathwork Workshop with James Frazier, which altered the trajectory of her life. For the last 3 years Caroline has been on a deep inner journey studying the breathwork method developed by Stan Grof along with the models of Jungian Psychology under the tutelage of James Frazier.

Caroline is passionate about the body’s inner healing capabilities and seeks to guide others in tapping into their own healing potential through Neo Shamanic Breathwork. Through her growth and development work, Caroline supports clients in navigating significant life changes such as marriage, parenthood, midlife transition, and divorce. Caroline has a background in teaching and sales and as a former small business owner, she uses her business skills to aid Holisitic Health Practitioners in building successful, financially viable and sustainable practices. Her passion is to help others reconnect with themselves and the world while using their strengths to build a cohesive self and a life they love living.

Caroline has a teenage daughter. They live in the suburbs of Chicago.


“The Privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” Carl Jung


1-on-1 Session (1 hour)- $150

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